With special thanks to Michael Hagerty, Chris Sharp and Marc Schoenitzer

Tom Rounds (KFRC, 1966)KFRC launched its Big 610 era in February 1966 with Tom Rounds (photo, right) as program director. Tom left in October 1967 after a disagreement with Bill Drake (RKO General’s national program director) about the unique musical tastes of San Francisco listeners. Tom believed they had some, and his resignation made the front page of the first issue of Rolling Stone (which was published in San Francisco in those days).

Les Turpin had the gig until February or March of 1969, when Ted Atkins was brought in from CKLW/Detroit (Windsor, Ont.). During his tenure, Atkins imported Charlie Van Dyke from CKLW in July 1969, then brought in Marc Elliott (Ed Mitchell) to replace Chuck Browning in March 1970.

Atkins remained at KFRC until the Spring of 1970, when he went to KHJ/Los Angeles and was replaced by Paul Drew. Drew stayed until ’71, when Sebastian Stone came in from WOR-FM/New York.

In the summer of ’73, the longest streak for a KFRC PD began. Michael Spears lasted almost four years, to May 1977, when he left for KHJ. Les Garland from WRKO/Boston took over until leaving to be MTV’s first PD in July 1980. Marvelous Mark McKay, KFRC’s afternoon man, filled in as interim program director until Gerry Cagle took over the position in September 1980.

Cagle stayed until early ’84, when Mike Phillips came in for a year or so. The baton passed to Dave Sholin for the final year as a Top 40 (until August 1986), but he was dealing with consultant Walt Sabo and a desperate “try-anything” attitude from RKO.